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Why Take The Happy Gut Course?

The gut is often referred to as the body’s second brain because of its impact on the rest of your health, mentally and physically, when it’s out of whack. If you suffer from symptoms such as, IBS, bloating after meals, chronic fatigue, headaches, joint soreness or abdominal pain, you might be surprised to see how much of an effect your gut health is having on these.

This course is 100% plant-based…

A healthy vegan diet creates an excellent environment for your good gut bacteria, giving you the best chance of improving your microbiome composition and overall gut health. Our meal plans have been designed by best-selling chefs, The Happy Pear, with the approval from Registered Dietician Rosie Martin, to ensure you are getting enough protein, calcium and other essential nutrients you need as well as, making sure they are delicious and exciting.

Delivered By Experts

Designed by Gastroenterologist, Dr Alan Desmond, Registered Dietitian Rosie Martin, and best-selling authors and founders of The Happy Pear, David and Stephen Flynn

Delicious recipes

This is a 6 week culinary journey, where we invite you to eat your way to better health! With delicious plant-based recipes, easy to follow meal plans, and handy shopping lists, we have all you need to get started on a foodie adventure!

Community Support

Weekly live Q&A sessions, access to a private online community, weekly emails, and a friendly online customer care team, so that you feel supported every step of the way

Join The Happy Gut Course Now & Take Control Of Your Gut Health For Less Than €4 Per Day.

David and Stephen Flynn


Registered Dietitian Rosie Martin


Gastroenterologist Dr. Alan Desmond


David & Stephen Flynn

Best Selling Authors & Founders Of The Happy Pear

David and Stephen Flynn are renowned wholefood and plant-based chefs, award-winning and international bestselling authors, YouTube stars, regular international, inspirational speakers and media contributors, and they have an impressive combined online and social media reach of around a million.

They started their business The Happy Pear in 2004 to create a happier, healthier world and build community. Today they have approximately three cafes, two shops, a farm, 30 products in 1000 stores in Ireland, and products in Waitrose & Partners stores across the UK.

The Happy Pear business now employs over 120 people and it has grown into one of the most vibrant and renowned award-winning businesses on the Irish food scene.

Rosie Martin

NHS Registered Dietitian

Rosie is a registered dietitian (RD) with a special interest in disease prevention and plant-based nutrition. She currently works for the NHS, where she supports a wide range of patients, with her daily work ranging from coeliac disease to cancer.

Originally trained as a zoologist, and working in animal behaviour in the UK and Australia, Rosie got her first taste of studying nutrition whilst analysing the diets of reptile house residents! Following her move back to the UK, she decided to pursue her fascination in the science of human health and nutrition.

Rosie loves all animals, is happiest surrounded by nature, and experiments with plant-based, gluten-free cooking on many a willing recipient!

Dr. Alan Desmond

Consultant Gastroentologist

Dr Alan Desmond is certified in both Gastroenterology and General Internal Medicine. He completed his specialist training in Cork, Dublin and Oxford. He has years of experience in diagnosing and treating patients with digestive problems; including coeliac disease, diverticular disease, irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. Originally from Blarney in County Cork, he now lives with his wife and children in Devon, in the South-West of England.

Dr Alan really enjoys cooking and eating a varied, whole food, plant-based diet. He is a member of the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland and a fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, London. He is also a founding advisory board member for Plant-Based Health Professionals UK, a Charitable Organisation that works to improve education and awareness of the benefits of a healthy plant-based diet. He frequently speaks on this topic at national and international medical conferences and public events.

You can find Dr Alan on Instagram @devongutdoctor and online at

As Seen And Featured In:

As Seen And Featured In:

What’s Covered In The Course?

As well as educating you in the importance of good gut health and how to maintain it, we will be doing a full reset of your gut. You’ll clear out all the toxins from week one and reintroduce foods week on week until full health is restored.

Week 1 - Gut Reset


1. Introduction to the digestive tract

2. What is gut microbiome and why is it important?

3. Where do our gut microbes come from and what do they do?

4. How does food influence the microbiome?

5. What are FODMAPS?

Week 2 - Reintroducing Beans


1. The Gut Microbiome in the 21st Century

2. How is the modern diet harmful to the microbiome?

3. Processed food and its effect on our overall health

4. Our microbiome loves fibre. Do we eat enough?

5. Does eating meat help our microbiome?

6. Doctor’s top tips for maintaining a healthy microbiome

7. Are carbohydrates good or bad? Whole carbs vs refined carbs

Week 3 - Reintroducing Polyols


1. Rosie’s top tips to beat the bloat

2. Whole Fats vs Refined Fats

3. Protein – how much do we really need?

4. Calcium and Vitamin D – dairy and strong bones?

5. Iron

6. ‘The Pleasure Trap’ concept

Week 4 - Reintroducing Fresh Fruits


1. Is a completely plant-based diet healthy in the long term?

2. Vitamin B12 – what is it, where does it come from, and should I take a supplement?

3. What about omega-3 fatty acid

4. Is a plant-based diet safe in pregnancy and during breastfeeding

5. The gut and beyond – the overall health benefits of a healthy, plant-based diet

Week 5 - Reintroducing Fructans


1. Do we need to eat animals?

2. What about eggs?

3. What about fish?

4. What are probiotics? Should I take them?

Week 6 - Reintroducing Wholewheat


1. Uncover the links between mental health and diet, and how to keep your results for life

2. Learn about exercise, activity and stress control

3. Final chance to ask any questions before the course is over

Join The Happy Gut Course Now & Take Control Of Your Gut Health For Less Than €4 Per Day.

Praise For Our Happy Heart Course…

The Happy Gut course is a brand new course, and you’ll be the very first to try it! But here’s what existing members of our other online courses are saying…

“The course was great – it really changed my life! It’s not only about the food, it’s about a different style of life; a happier, and more enjoyable one!”

Alessia Tabarrini

“My entire life has changed for the better. I feel better in my skin. I’m thinking clearly. My outlook on life has changed. I no longer feel I have limitations on what I can accomplish. I feel I have the energy to do what I set my mind to. I feel awake, alive, and happy!”

Jessica Kane

“My relationship to food is completely different. I definitely had more consistent energy while doing the course.”

Ruth Delahunty


Join The Happy Gut Course Now & Take Control Of Your Gut Health For Less Than €4 Per Day.

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